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10 Oct 2011
White light LED the actuator publish
The global semi-conductor that crosses multiple electronics application realms provides goods company idea method semi-conductor(ST) extension Gao Neng Xiao mobile device solution appearance,invests construction LEDrelease new style of white light give out light the diode(LED) actuator chip-STLA02.The new product can simplify a carrying on the back of Gao Neng Xiao's liquid crystal display and keyboard optoelectronics road design.

Compare with traditional fluorescent lamp to take care of of carry on the back a light solution, white only LED's carrying on the back only a light can reduce electricity consumption and prolong an intelligence type thus the cellular phone, game machine, and navigation equipment...etc. then hold the battery service life of equipments.The new product STLA02 of idea method semi-conductor has the high pressure side(High-side) electric current examination function, can improve to carry on the back an optoelectronics road design further, carrying on the back light anode(low-pressure side) eminence is extremely coldto connect line to carry son can directly link a ground, but have never needed to link the low-pressure side electric current examination electric circuit and simplify a PC board design thus, the decrease carries on the back only the conjunction line of the light amount, then raise the whole and dependable of system.

The STLA02 can drive up to six more LEDs, lowest work the power electric voltage is 2.5 volts,hold a floral actress can used for from a system of lithium battery power supply;The tallest work electric voltage is 18 volts and make the new product able to match with various battery the power.

The STLA02 extends an idea method further the semi-conductor is then existing to aim at a product of holding the equipments of appearance.Advanced manufacturing process and world possessed singly through the idea method semi-conductor lead of integration degree and ability effect, the new product will contribute to the size that lowers a multi-function and portable product, and prolong the service life of battery.The other aims at then a product of holding the equipments to still include the direct current of Gao Neng Xiao to convert machine, market angle sound effect chip, D sound effect enlarger and environment to the direct current(DC-DC) light source**(Ambient Light Sensor), action**and the high performance is low achievement consume tiny controller(STM8 and STM32 serieses).


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